What Is MMR And What Are The Benefits?

Myo-Matrix Release Technique is a Tissue Tension Release Technique that is a progressive soft tissue treatment approach developed by Peter Lundgren, a Swedish manual therapist that works with professional athletes and active lifestyle individuals.

MMR addresses the underlying cause of soft tissue pain and dysfunction. The practitioner identifies tension lines that traverse the local and regional area of injury in a 3D manner. The practitioner then tracks these lines that include muscle, fascia, connective tissues and nerves.

This method is highly effective in treating injuries such as muscle sprains, tendon and ligament injuries as well as neurological pain.

What Is Involved?

The practitioner identifies the depth of the tissue tension line and applies pressure as the tension line is tracked, while moving the body part in question, in the direction that maximizes the force of the tension line.

This loosens areas of tightness, decreases pain and improves function. MMR is designed to treat the underlying cause of pain and dysfunction,which means that often the tissue structures above and below the painful area are treated.

How Does It Work And Why Is It So Effective?

Many painful conditions are the result of abnormal tension in tissues that result in dysfunction. MMR identifies all the tissues involved and decreases the tension, restoring function and decreasing pain. Often results are noticeable after the first treatment.

Usually 3 to 7 treatments are required to restore function in most soft tissue conditions.