What is Performance Taping?

Performance Taping involves placing strips of elastic kinesiology tape called Performance Tape on
the skin to balance muscle function. Performance Taping, unlike conventional athletic taping, is
 applied in a manner that allows the body to move freely without restriction.

Performance Taping
 can be used to help balance muscle firing patterns and improve joint function. Performance Tape 
is used by amateur, Olympic and professional athletes. This taping procedure can help improve the
quality of your patient’s movement and improve the efficiency of your program design.

What is involved?

After a functional evaluation, Performance Tape is placed over the muscles in a manner to either
increase or decrease muscle activation. The intention is to optimize motor recruitment in order
to improve the quality of movement of prescribed exercises.

How does it work and why is it effective?

Performance Taping works by affecting the specialized nerve receptors of the skin and the
underlying fascia through the gentle tugging action the tape offers during movement. This results
in normalization of motor function and improves quality of movement.